3 Scientific Reasons You Lose Weight by Falling in Love

3 scientific reasons youlose weight by falling loveWill you lose weight if you fall in love with someone special? Or should you shed some extra pounds of body fat before you fall in love? It is very common for us to think that if our body is in perfect shape, it will be easier to fine some one who loves you. A new study published in the journal Obesity, revealed that the truth is falling in love could in fact help you get slim.

Hormone oxytocin, or often know as love hormone was the subject of the study conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School. Oxytocin is linked to activities which demonstrate love such as cuddling, kissing, and making love to your partner.

25 healthy young men, 13 at “normal” BMIs and 12 who were overweight or obese were studied in this research to observe the effect on oxytocin on body weight.

The participants were given either the oxytocin spray or a placebo without disclosing what they were given. All participants ordered breakfast from a menu and were served double portions of whatever they requeste. The calorie intake of each participant was then recorded.

Researcher switched oxytocin or a placebo after eight weeks and the participants was conducted once again.

The results show participants who received  oxytocin dose, they ate 122 fewer calories and 9 fewer grams of fat, on average.

Here are 3 reasons why your oxytocin hormone level will boost when you are involved in an act of love such as kissing, hugging or massaging your partner. Increased level of oxytocin will reduce your calorie intake and consumption of fat leading to weight reduction.

1.  Body Massage from Your Partner increases Love Hormone.

Physical contact with your partner is the best way to give boost to love hormones. Your partner is a great source of oxytocin. Getting a massage releases large amounts of oxytocin which not only help you lose weight but also allows you to de-stress.

2.   Saying Something Nice to Your Partner Boosts Love Hormone.

The feeling that your partner trust and rely on you is a sure booster for your oxytocin. When you fall in love, you provide this reason to your partner and hence help increasing their love hormone level.

3.  Hugging Your Partner Increases Love Hormone.

Get into habit of giving your partner long hugs as frequently as possible. Study showed that hugging not only increases oxytocin, it also help to decreases blood pressure.

When you are making love to your partner, you combine all the above. Falling in love is the best way to increase oxytocin levels which could lead to help you lose weight. So don’t wait to lose your weight but first fall in love to help your partner shedding some pounds of extra fat by boosting love hormone.

You can also include these workouts in your daily plans to help you get into shape quicker and lose weight.


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