4 Natural Ingredients to Make You Thin Fast

4-ingredients-to-make-you-thin-fastLosing weight naturally using four natural ingredients might be the perfect recipe for you if you are struggling with your weight. Fenugreek, psyllium husk, ajwain and black seeds when combined together become an effective weight loss remedy that can help you shed extra pounds of fat on your body. The best thing about this recipe to weight loss is that all the ingredients are easily available from the local grocery store.

Fenugreek for Weight Loss

Fenugreek may help burn fat and assist in dissolving fat with in liver. However, it also stimulate appetite in some people.  A study in 2009 in which the participants were given powdered fenugreek during their breakfast. Results suggested that 8 grams of powdered fenugreek may be enough to keep a person feeling fuller for longer period of time.

fenugreek for weight loss

Psyllium Husk for Weight Loss

Psyllium husk is a good source of fiber and increasing fiber consumption helps with weight loss. According to a study published in “Clinical and Experimental Hypertension” in August 2007, psyllium supplementation for six months led to a decrease in body mass index.

Ajwain for Weight Loss

Ajwain is common spice that is used in Asia, Middle East and China in the cooking. People use ajwain to improve the digestion of food and obtaining a leaner body. There is no study on humans that proves the effectiveness of ajwain in weight loss, however, it is still used by many for losing body weight.

Black Seeds (Kalonji) for Weight Loss

Black sees or kalonji was found to result in reduction in body weight and waist circumference in a study in Indonesia which involved adult obese men. The adult men were give 1.5 grams of black seeds for three months.

Weight Loss Recipe:

You will need a grinder to make powder of all the ingredients which are following:

1. Fenugreek  50gm
2. Psyllium husk  50gm
3. Ajwain 50 gm
4. Black seeds 50gm

Grind all the herbs and make a fine powder. Use half teaspoon twice a day with water after eating your meal. I have used it personally and found it effective in weight management with other additional health benefits.

Please note that you must talk to a physician before using any supplements if you are using any medication for medical condition.

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