Effective Ways to Lose Your Body Fat Fast

5 Best Flat Tummy Exercises for Great Female Abs

5 best flat tummy workouts for great absThis workout targets your core muscles which will tighten your abdomen. As a result of the workout you will have a smaller and, flatter stomach. Do two sets of these 5 moves in  routine twice a week, and it will take not much time before you say goodbye to that belly flab.

These workouts do not include crunches. These easy to perform workouts will help you have flat tummy and have great abs.

You must be consistent and patient to see the amazing results to get ready for summer.

1. Revolved Abdomen Pose:


What It Does It works your abdomen muscles

How to Do It Lie on your back with your arms T-shaped and legs raised perpendicularly to the ground.
Drop both legs slowly to the right, stopping before touching the ground. Hold the position for a deep breath, exhale and return to starting position. Repeat the other side. Switch to 20 reps, 10 on each side.



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