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5 Top Free Fitness Apps for Diet and Whole Body Workouts

5 free fitness appsMajority of us use electronic gadgets or phone regularly on daily basis, only a few use them to track, monitor and plan their fitness and health activities. You phone whether iPhone or Android based can become your best partner in achieving your fitness and health goals without even spending a single penny. All you need to do is download and install a free fitness and health app and start using it. There are so many apps right now available on the market that it may become confusing for you to decide which app to pick specially if you want it for free.

We did some homework for you and selected 5 best fitness apps which are free to use. You can plan your fitness program, perform workouts by watching exercises for each and every part of the body, and monitor your progress from your phone. You can even calculate your calorie intake so that you know how much you must burn helping you to chose the right workout. Here are the 5 top free fitness apps which will work on iPhone and other Android phones.


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