Effective Ways to Lose Your Body Fat Fast

7 Best Diet Plans to Lose Weight Quickly without being Hungry

7-best-diet-plans-to-lose-weight-quicklyThere are so many diet plans out there each claiming to be the best option to shed some pounds of body fat quickly and effortlessly. The truth is not every diet plan would work for every body and one might have to chose a diet plan that would suit their body style to get rid of the extra body fat quickly in less time.

Some of the diet plans which have shown some good results for others are following and if you select any one of these after some research, you may be on your way to fitting into clothes which you were used to a few years ago.

1. Vegan Diet:

vegan dietA vegan diet has no meat, fish or poultry. All animal products are excluded and you can’t consume any dairy or eggs. The good thing is, not only will you be getting rid of high cholesterol and most fatty food items, you will lose weight pretty quick if you stick to it. Just focus on eating fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, nuts and grains.

2. Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet still works, and has been updated in the last couple of years. The basic concept is to limit the intake of carbs so that the body switches over to metabolizing the stored fats and losing weight.

3. Low-carb Ketogenic Diet

low carb dietCarbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body and low-carb diets restrict their intake. When the body has no carbs to burn, ketosis happens, which is the process where stored fat is used up by the body for energy. You just have to cut down on foods which have carbs and instead take low-carb items or items which have proteins.

4. Scarsdale Diet

This is the perfect diet for people who don’t want to go hungry and need to lose more than a couple pounds. The Scarsdale Diet Plan doesn’t require weighing, measuring, counting or anything but following simple menus filled with everyday foods. It works, it keeps you full, and gives you energy.

5. HCG Hormone Diet

This is an unconventional diet, as it involves the use of Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone. Basically this hormone is produced during pregnancy and allows for the healthy development of the embryo. The hormone promotes the use of adipose tissue from the body, which means, you will lose fat, even if you are not pregnant. The diet requires the intake of HCG as drops or in the form of injections, along with around 500 calories/day of food.

However, this diet should only be adopted for a maximum of 40 days and that too under strict medical supervision.

6. Volumetrics Diet

The volumetrics diet divides food according to energy densities. Category 1 is the lowest and Category 4 is the highest density food. Typically, people eat the same amount of food everyday regardless of the number of calories or energy density. This is not only inefficient but also a major cause behind weight gain.

According to the volumetrics diet you should eat more of category 1 foods and very less of category 4 foods. Focusing on their energy density and not a standard plate-full or size.

7. Sauerkraut Diet:

sauerkraut diet for weight lossSauerkraut is basically pickled cabbage and is a very healthy diet allowing you to lose up to 6 pounds in only 3 days. The cabbage, preserved with salt, reduces cholesterol, boosts your immune system, contains antioxidants and slows down the brain’s aging process. There are only around 40 calories in 100 grams of the pickled cabbage, so you can basically eat as much as you want.

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  3. I tried Sauerkraut for about 2 weeks but did not see any difference in my body weight at all. The truth is I did not even like the taste of the pickled cabbage. May be I did not use for long enough time but how can you keep on eating something which you do not even like.


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