Do Just This One Exercise And Shrink Your Waistline

Shrink Your Waistline And Lose The PoochShrinking your waistline with stomach vacuum workout is not a new technique. Most people neglect the transversus abdominis muscle when they are working out for a flat tummy. By focusing on these muscles, it is possible to have a flat belly and smaller waistline much quicker than you think. The best thing about stomach vacuum workout is that you can do it any time standing, walking, on your bed or kneeling.

Most people perform abdominal workouts when trying to obtain a six-pack. The truth is that they overlook the transverse abdominis most of the time. Transverse abdominis lies beneath the six-pack muscles.  It supports your internal organs when it is contracted and increases abdominal pressure allowing you to life more weight.

The stomach vacuum does not require any weight or any special equipment.  It is performed to improve the transversus abdominis muscle which results in improving the appearance of body core.You can perform it by different ways.

How to do Stomach Vacuum for Smaller Waist?

One way to perform stomach vacuum is by standing upright and exhaling completely. Now squeeze in your stomach as much as possible and hold that position for as long as you can. Inhale and then repeat.

The other variation of this workout requires yo to kneel down on all fours with your back straight. Breath in and then exhale completely. Now gently draw in your stomach and suck in as hard as possible. Hold your stomach in this position as long as possible. Inhale and repeat.

Following video demonstrate various possible alteration of stomach vacuum which you can easily follow.

You might want to do stomach vacuum workout on alternate day of the week. After each week try to increase the time for which you hold your stomach tucked in.

Stomach vacuum workout will strengthen your transverse abdominis but is not meant to create six pack abs. It will, however, help you to have smaller waistline and flat tummy when you include it to your other workout for six pack abs.

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