Why do men become overweight and How to Avoid it?

There are really 4 main reasons why men will become overweight.

1. Complete lack of exercise

Does the term ‘couch potato’ with a tv remote in the hand sound familiar? Men with no physical activity tend to overweight because they do not burn the calories they consumed while eating their favorite foods or drinking beverages.

2. Eating too much red meat

Red meat has plenty of saturated fats that can lead to not only obesity but also clogged arteries. Moderation is the key for healthy life.

3. Drinking too much beer

Beer and other alcoholic drinks absorb in the blood stream immediately and signals the brain to process the waste products of beer instead of burning the fat. More alcohol you consume longer your body will stop working on fat burning process.

4. Eating too much junk food

It is not surprising that junk foods affect the parts of brain controlling the appetite and body fatness. Men with tendency to overweight would have higher drive to eat more junk food and become fat.

Possible options to stay slim

overweight menSadly our current society is very lenient on these things, and being guilty of any of the points above is something very ‘in’ nowadays. However, recently men have started on a quest to recoup their long lost ‘youth’, strength and physical good looks. OF course, they will not be caught red-handed ‘dieting’, as that is exclusively reserved for women, but even though they call it by any other name, fat remains: men started to wake up as well and do something about their obesity.

So what can you do about these 4 issues above?

1. Start exercising regularly:

If you live in a block of flats and you’re above ground 0, take the stairs, and stop using the lift. Get yourself a membership at the local gym. You’d be surprised how many men are using the gym along with women. You don’t even need to be in the same room with the weaker sex. There are rooms that men use more, for weight lifting and such. Use them.

2. Start incorporating in your diet some fresh fruits and vegetables:

You know that heart attack is number one causing death in men. Start eating red meet on weekends only, when you’re at home, more relaxed and your body is better equipped to process all that heavy food.

3. Drink Juices More Often:

When you’re thinking of drinking your next beet, take a cold juice instead and add some ice to it too. You don’t have to give up alcohol completely, but start drinking it less. You’ll be amazed at the positive changes it will do to your body.

Also start checking your levels of cholesterol and your blood pressure. You don’t want to wait until you’re in the ER to check that. It might prove fatal to you.

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