10 Best Tips to Tighten Flabby Skin after Losing Belly Fat

You have been strictly following a weight loss diet plan for about 30 days now and as your hard work is paying off to lose excessive body fat, you start to observe loose skin around your belly. It is just an unfortunate side effect of a major weight loss and can be corrected either through surgery or using a number of natural ways to regain the tightness of your skin. By using a balanced diet combined with regular workout and skin moisturizer, it is possible to restore the elasticity of your skin so that it shrinks and tightens over the period of time. It might take considerably long time before you will see that lose skin around your belly is vanishing.

1. Lose Weight Gradually

Healthy weight loss is what you want. Losing weight too quickly will result in flabby lose skin around your stomach as well other parts. As you continue to shed those extra pounds of body fat slowly, your skin will shrink to your new body size.

2. Add Foods Good For Your Skin

You must consider adding foods to your diet plan which are rich in elastin and collagen. Foods such as beans, tofu, cottage cheese, milk, fish, seeds and nuts will be your best friends to help you to shrink loose skin.

3. Regular Body Massage

Massaging your skin improves the blood circulation of the skin. It is good idea to get regular message to maintain the health of your skin.

4. Keep it Moisturized

It is important that you keep your skin moisturized to give your flabby skin best chance to bounce back. Any good lotion enriched with vitamin E or simply coconut oil would do the trick.

5. Wrap Your Body

A good body wrap is another way of providing your lose skin the support it needs to gain its elasticity and shrink around your body. So why not check out with your local spa which wrap would work best with your skin type and try it.

6. Supplement with Vitamins

Minerals and vitamins enriched supplementation during your weight loss program will provide the nutrients to your skin to keep shrinking as you continue to lose your body fat. You can find some good tips here to maximize benefits of vitamins.

7. Include Weight Training in Weight Loss Plan

Weight training using light weights will give your body toned look with tightened skin. It is better to include weight training routine at least 2-3 days a week to tighten the flabby belly fat.

8. Minimize Sun Exposure

Do you know that too much sun exposure can dry your skin and reduce your skin’s elasticity? You must limit your time spent in sun or even in the swimming pools. Chlorinated water is also harmful for your skin.

9. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is necessary element for your skin and other body organs. You must drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated throughout the day. It will help you to tighten the skin during and after weight loss.flabby tummy

10. Patience is Key

It can take long time before your stretched loose skin can adapt to your new body size after weight loss. So patience is the key to achieve the looks you want.


  1. Try pilates or sacreh videos for thigh exercises in youtube. Jogging can help tone the thighs too. Try jogging uphill and downhill, jog up and down the stairs, or cycling. +4Was this answer helpful?

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