Effective Ways to Lose Your Body Fat Fast

11 Killer Exercises to Lose Lower Belly Fat (Videos)

4. Navasana Boat Pose for Lower Belly Fat

Sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you. Press your hands on the floor a little behind your hips, fingers pointing toward the feet. Lift through the top of the sternum and lean back slightly ensuring back does not round.

Exhale and bend your knees, then lift your feet off the floor, so that the thighs are angled about 45-50 degrees along the floor. Lengthen your tailbone into the floor and lift your pubis toward your navel. Slowly straighten your knees, raising the tips of your toes slightly above the level of your eyes.

Stretch your arms alongside the legs, parallel to each other and the floor. Spread the shoulder blades across your back and reach strongly out through the fingers.

While the lower belly should be firm, it shouldn’t get hard and thick. Try to keep the lower belly relatively flat.

Hold in this pose for 10-20 seconds and then gradually increase to time to 60 seconds. Release the legs with an exhalation and sit upright on an inhalation.



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