Effective Ways to Lose Your Body Fat Fast

11 Killer Exercises to Lose Lower Belly Fat (Videos)

7. Plank with Hip Twist Workout

In order to do Plank with Hip Twist get down on the ground on your stomach. Support yourself on your elbows and toes. Have you elbows directly under your shoulders. Keep your hands inline with your elbows, your body completely straight – don’t let your hips sag, or stick them too high in the air. To get a maximum contraction of your core muscles, you need to keep your body flat at all times. If you start dropping your hips, it simply means that you are tired. Take a little break and then do another set. It’s better to do 4 shorter sets than one long one with incorrect form. As you get stronger, increase the duration of each set, while keeping the proper form.

Now twist your hips to the left and gently touch the ground. Make sure that both your elbows will remain on the ground at all times. Especially if you are less flexible, the elbows will want to leave the ground. Return back to the middle position, hold the perfectly flat alignment and twist to the other side. Repeat 20 times. Don’t rush the movement, hold each position briefly while feeling and connecting with your core.



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