4 Steps You Must Know to Lose Weight Successfully and Quickly

belly-fatThe business of fast weight loss is a multimillion dollar industry. Anytime there is an industry that is as large as the fast weight loss industry, it is going to attract many movers and shakers, political interests, lobbyists, big business interests and other interested parties all wanting their piece of the fast weight loss, money pie.

That usually means that there is going to be a great deal of misinformation put out about fast weight loss that is mostly designed to separate the common person from their money rather than actually help them solve their weight problem.

Obviously, this can cause a great deal of frustration and anger by ordinary people (you and me) who are just looking to find answers to fast weight loss rather than the typical fast weight loss sales garbage, fast weight loss fad products, and over priced fast weight loss plans.

That is not to say that all information about fast weight loss is bad because it is not. The way to tell if a service or product is legitimate about fast weight loss is to look at the scientific research behind it.

Step 1: Only Choose Clinically Proven Products and Services

Any fast weight loss plan, fast weight loss product or fast weight loss service worth its salt should have independent clinical studies done on it specifically. These fast weight loss studies should be specific about that fast weight loss plan and not generic information. These fast weight loss studies should be cited and clearly stated so that the public can read these studies for themselves.

Generic information tends to read like this example “recent studies showed that eating a diet high in widgets aids in fast weight loss. Our product is high in widgets!” Do you see how they are implying credibility?

The ideal way to know that a product has studies done will read like this example “clinical studies done on our product by xyz research lab shown evidence that our product, high in widgets; produced the following fast weight loss results.” Here you can see the credible study cited and a brief result listed. This is the only way to go.

Here is another quick rule of thumb on fast weight loss studies.

Be sure that the studies and clinical trials being conducted are by a neutral third party research firm or university research facility. These fast weight loss research labs being used should not be owned by the company or special interest directly. This will ensure that the fast weight loss study you read is as non-biased possible. We are after results with our fast weight loss regimen, thus we need the best information possible about fast weight loss.

Step 2: Understand why some people are fat and others thin.

This is the primary question and starting place to achieve fast weight loss. We must first understand why something is happening in the body to keep us fat before we can solve for it and bring about fast weight loss.

The human body is truly an amazing creation. It is amazing how many automated processes go on in our bodies without direct thought from us. Our hearts beat, lungs breathe in air, eyelids blink to keep our eyes moist and in the context of this topic, our bodies turn the food we eat or drink into glucose, which is the body’s primary fuel source.

The entire process of weight gain or fast weight loss is controlled by hormones, period. These secreted hormones are a reaction of the body to the foods that are being ingested and/or the energy demands of the body from moment to moment. The primary hormone in digestion is insulin. Insulin is the hormone that instructs the cells of the body in how to use the nutrients derived from digestion (A great article about fast weight loss and how the body stores and burns fat can be seen by clicking this sentence).

During times when we are eating; insulin either tells the cells of the body to use energy or store energy (fat). The reason that some people are thin or fat despite what they eat or do is that their body’s internal mechanism for instruction to burn fat and/or lose weight fast is stuck in the “store fat” mode.

Being stuck in the “store fat” mode really sucks! This has happened to me personally. This is why I personally failed at many “lose weight fast diets.”  I was literally stuck in the fat saving mode instead of the fat burning mode.  This is also why I used to be able to eat anything I wanted (before I was stuck) with no consequences. This is why we all have those friends that eat like pigs but never get fat while others of us look as a piece of cake and put on 5 pounds!

 Step 3: Understand how body reacts to weight loss exercises

That’s right I said it. You have to exercise to achieve fast weight loss in a healthy manner. Now before you run right out and join a gym or buy the latest grueling work out videos made with people who have perfect abs, wait a moment.

If our bodies react best to natural foods and drinks then they must also react to natural exercise too, right? Seriously, cave man Bob wasn’t out in the world eating his natural fast weight loss diet before going to the cave man gym to pump out three sets on the boulder resistance machine. Do you follow me?

What our ancestors did do is keep active. Do you know what you call a cave man who sits on his butt? He is called lunch for a larger and more aggressive animal.

All joking aside, we want to do exercises that activate the hormone responses responsible for burning the stored fat in our bodies. This is how we want our body to react to a fast weight loss exercises regimen. It is not about getting ripped if you are a man or getting the perfect butt for the ladies or a washboard stomach.

These are specific exercises that allow for the body to produce the hormones needed to aid in the fast weight loss plan. You will gain muscle mass this way too but the most important thing is to jump start that fast weight loss fat burning metabolism.

Step 4: Understand Role of  Your Doctor and Fast Weight Loss

Every diet plan, fast weight loss plan, diet pill, meal replacement program and so sold in the United States advise you to consult with your physician before making any changes to your diet or before beginning a fast weight loss regimen.

This statement which is on all these different products and/or services for fast weight loss (or dieting in general) is actually required by the U. S. Government but is also a really good idea.

If you are a person who is very over weight, or perhaps obese; you may have hidden health issues or be at the tipping point for a major health catastrophe. The reason you need to consult your physician is to get a baseline of where you are right now, today; before you start you fast weight loss plan.

It is a good idea to have your doctor do a “panel” on you to get your base levels for blood sugar, hormones, triglycerides count, and pre screen you for other issues that might cause issues when you start making changes to you diet and exercise routines.

Since your doctor knows you and your history this should be an easy thing to do. Be prepared to discuss the fast weight loss plan that you are going to do and get your doctors input.

Fast weight loss plan may not become a reality if you do not understand all the above steps. The key to all the weight loss plans is persistence. Once you know the plan is working for you, then stick to it to achieve your goals.

image source: www.health.com

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