5 Best Foods to Keep your Cholesterol in Control

It is very important to have low cholesterol levels, and the best way to find out your current levels is through a blood test. If you think that you have high cholesterol, but you’re not sure, her are some of the signs for it: you have a pale ring around your iris. This might mean too much cholesterol in the under 50 year old, the other sign is a yellowish fatty deposit under the skin around the eyes, called xanthelasmata.

There are ways though to keep the cholesterol at bay at all times. Here are 5 foods that help with it, each researched by various scientists and doctors alike.

1. Apples

Apple to lower cholestrol levelsIt’s true, one apple a day keeps the doctor away: Cornell University researchers found that eating one apple a day can block LDL oxidation, which results in an 8 percent drop in levels. In another recent study, researcher found that just consuming one apple a day for 30 days lowered LDL cholesterol by forty percent. An added bonus for you: Apples with their skins contain soluble fiber, the kind that scrubs artery walls clean. Cut one up and mix it into your oatmeal, another top source.


2. Almonds

almonds for lower cholestrolAlmonds give you a rich source of cholesterol-lowering sterols. Christopher Gardner, Ph.D., a cholesterol researcher at Stanford University, says that monounsaturated fat gives most of the benefit. He says that “unlike saturated fat, the mono kind doesn’t block the removal of LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream.” So go for almonds!


3. Beans

beans for lower cholestrolBeans, particularly soya beans should help a lot with cholesterol. Try exchanging a vegetable patty for a your next beef burger and adding on your salad with edamame beans or kidney beans instead of chicken breasts a couple of times a week. Yes, chicken is good, but for cholesterol, beans are better. Eating one and half cups of beans every second days in a week can help to reduce LDL cholesterol levels by 5-15 per cent.


4. Fish

fish for lowering cholestrolEat more fish. Imagine that eating fish high in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, tuna, and sardines regularly as weekly meal plans and get added benefits of lowering LDL cholesterol by 20 percent. Tufts University scientists found that, in high enough quantities, the omega-3 fatty acids from fish chewed through cholesterol molecules in the bloodstream and shrank the size of remaining LDL particles by 12 percent.


5. Blueberries

blueberries for lowering cholestrolSimilar to the resveratrol in grapes, pterostilbene, an antioxidant found in blueberries, can stimulate liver cells to better break down fat and cholesterol, according to USDA scientists. Blueberries also are known for its ability for fighting cancer. So tossing in some blueberries in your salad or morning cereal can give you some added benefit of lowering your cholesterol.

5 best foods to lower cholesterol levels

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  1. You must be very cautious about the different ways to lower cholesterol, establishing a goal for yourself. You must consult with your doctor, since this will give you a specific objective to reduce your cholesterol. Your objective could be any specific value or reduction percentage during a specific period of time. In any event, having a goal will help you work out your cholesterol issues. Every adult should find a way to reduce their cholesterol levels and have values inferior to 200 mg/ dl.

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