5 Best Food Hacks to Boost Testosterone Level Naturally

Males with higher testosterone levels tend to enjoy intimate moments with their partner, mentally focused and have the ability to gain more muscle mass and less body fat compared to those who are deficient in this male hormone. Men start to experience lower levels of testosterone after the age of 45 and must make the naturally male hormone increasing foods as part of their regular diet. Men with lower testosterone may be at higher risk of heart failure. It is not a bad idea to add the ingredients in the food that can naturally boost the levels of this important male hormone.

1. Wheat Bran:

Wheat bran is a good source of magnesium which is an essential mineral that helps to shoot up the t-levels. One study had found that men with higher intake of magnesium have higher t-levels. Another research correlated the magnesium levels directly to the testosterone levels. Wheat bran can be easily added to breakfast to oatmeal cereal or even in the protein shakes. You might now consider using whole wheat bread instead of white bread so that you are consuming bread which does have at least some amount of wheat bran.foods to boost testosterone

2. Spinach:

You might be surprised that these green leaves is one of the best natural source for magnesium. In fact one cup of cooked spinach can provide magnesium equivalent to half of the recommended daily dose. Making spinach as part of diet can do wonders to male libido and hormone levels. It can be in cooked form or just part of salad, it will provide the magnesium.

3. Shrimps:

Some male find their testosterone levels dipping during the winter days. The reason might be lower intake of vitamin D during the winter months.  A researchers group at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston found that males with higher levels of vitamin D also have higher levels of testosterone. Shrimps are natural source of vitamin D and hence can boost the testosterone levels.shrimps for higher testosterone levels

4. Brazil Nuts:

Brazil nuts are rich in mineral Selenium which is required to have health sperms. A study found that men with lower selenium levels were unable to produce healthy fertile sperms and were also found to deficient in testosterone levels. Men do not need selenium in large amounts but it is important to eat natural foods rich in selenium or use supplement. Just few Brazil nuts daily are more than enough to meet the daily intake requirements.

5. Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds provide mineral Zinc that is linked to testosterone levels in men.  A study found that men with Zinc deficient also had inadequate testosterone levels. 12 mg of Zinc is recommended for adult males for daily intake. Pumpkin seeds can be added to salads, cereals or even can eaten as snack.pumpkin seeds

So next time when you are grocery shopping, keep in mind the above healthy foods which will not only fire up your male hormone levels but also give you added benefits of healthy happy life.


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