How to Live a Healthy Spiritual Life (5 TIPS)

healthy spritual life tipsWe are all on a journey in this life to do great things. These great things are big and small and can have an effect on millions of people or just one person. It is a lifelong quest to figure out what your life purpose is. Discovering what really motivates you and gives you the energy to be always growing is part of your spiritual path. It doesn’t matter what religion you follow or where your beliefs lie, there are certain elements to focus on to find your place and discover what significance your life plays in the world around you.

Your inner growth is the most important growth in your life, not only because it’s what forms your perspective (which gives you a positive or negative take on your surroundings), but also because it is how you will discover what you were created for. There’s nothing more peaceful than knowing that you’re living your life the way you were designed to. The five points below are what you need to focus on to live a life of purpose and meaning:

1. Have faith in your personal power

This can be related to one’s faith in a specific religion, but faith is not limited to religion. Believe that you have been given special qualities and that there is a universal source that connects one to all. Believe that you are capable of doing great and satisfying things and that you’ll get through all those ups and downs in life. The most important things have to be believed to be seen.

2. Have patience in your wait for the right things at the right time

Patience is a virtue and not easily come by, which makes for lots of opportunities to grow in this area. We want things right when we think of them. Instant gratification is mainstream in society and it seems that it should be that way in our spiritual life, but unfortunately we’re not here to make the rules, we’re here to discover ‘the good life’

3. Generate love continuously and about everything

To love under any circumstances really is the greatest achievement of all and it’s really not that hard once you have a few years of practice under your belt. Love does make the world work right and feeling love in difficult situations will make your inner world a much happier place; love for yourself and others.

4. Develop a prayer practice

Don’t worry about all those rules out there about how to pray. You just need to have the intention to connect with your creator and be aware of what you’re thankful for, what you’d like in your life and what you’d like for others. Say it out loud, think it, or even write it down in your very own prayer journal. Just put it out in the universe and take comfort that you’ve been heard.

5. Be aware of creation

Nature is all around us, providing, nurturing, and sharing. Take time to spend quiet moments in natural surroundings and be aware of how perfectly nature lives. You’ll soon strengthen your faith in the gifts and abilities that have been given to you to live a truly blessed life.

Living a happy life has very little to do with what goes on around you and a whole lot to do with how you perceive the world around you. To help your thoughts stay positive grow your faith, patience, love, prayer and belief in a faithful creation. You have been created for great things and it’s up to you to act on those qualities you have been blessed with.

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